Image videos, E.ON Graduate Program
Expanding horizons, Corporate report 2013 Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt
Communication Concept, E.ON Graduate Program
Untreelievable – Christmas Book, Lesmo
The decisive factor, Sales Communication, BNP Paribas
Generation Y magazine – apoBank
The energy of the future – Animation, E.ON T & I
musique en route – Live CD
Energy in Dialogue – Communication Platform, E.ON Vertrieb Deutschland
Connecting Values - Annual Financial Report, apoBank
Special Edition “Neubau” – Employee Newspaper, E.ON Ruhrgas
Corporate Design and Design Management, E.ON AG
Gold Foil, Tinsel, Marzipan – Christmas Book, Lesmo
Global Presence – Annual Report, Deutsche Börse
Logbook – Change Communication, E.ON AG
ARTEEST – Employee Newspaper, EST
La Cucina EST 3 – Cookbook, E.ON Sales & Trading
spektrum – Online Customer Magazine, E.ON Sales & Trading
Positions – CR Report, Deutsche Börse
Seven Stones – Seven Resolutions, Christmas Book, Lesmo
“Grand Opening” Gala – Invitation, E.ON Sales & Trading
Challenge to Create – Annual Report, Deutsche Börse
Changing Energy – CR Report, E.ON AG
Pictograms – Corporate Design, E.ON AG
We’re making it happen – Annual Report, E.ON AG
Relaxing Christmas – Christmas Book, Lesmo
on•top* – Annual Report, E.ON AG
Re:, Annual report, E.ON Energie
Stefan S. – E.ON HR Project
Just Value - Annual Report, Deutsche Börse
Growing closer. Growing together. – Annual Report, E.ON AG
My Leadership Curriculum – Digital Event Directory, E.ON AG
Energy for Life. All the Time. – Annual Report, E.ON AG
Perspectives - CR Report, Deutsche Börse
A Trophy for the Idea – E.ON Research Award
Worth Living – Image Brochure, E.ON Sales & Trading
InterEST – Online Employee Magazine, E.ON Sales & Trading
Total Refresh – Brand Re-Launch, DIS AG
Living Dialogue - CR Report, Deutsche Börse
Bringer of Topics – Paper Napkins, E.ON Sales & Trading
Energy, Efficiency and Engagement – CR Report, E.ON AG
E.ON in Dialogue, Energy Expo, E.ON AG
Successful Business, Responsible Choices – CR Report, E.ON AG
Local. International. – Annual Report, E.ON AG
Managing Risk – Annual Report, Deutsche Börse
Culturebook: Together – Image Brochure, DIS AG
New Perspectives – Annual Report, Deutsche Börse
Brand Re-Launch, Corporate Design, euro engineering
Picture Mark – Corporate Design, E.ON Climate & Renewables
A new Look, Re-Launch Financial Communication, apoBank
OneE.ON – Annual Report, E.ON AG
A very Special Day – Birthday Calendar, Lesmo
Integrity for Financial Markets – Annual Report, Deutsche Börse
Looking Ahead – Annual Financial Report, apoBank
Gewohnt gut – Claim Development, LEG NRW
Kultur. Gut. - Culturebook (Special Edition), DIS AG

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