Lesmo – Your Corporate Communications

We cover almost all disciplines of corporate communication. Thus, our focus
is on those aspects that assist you in manifesting the values and services of
your company: branding, reporting, corporate publishing and – increasingly –
the online environment.




Branding Strategy and Design

The starting point for every strong brand is a strong branding strategy. What exactly distinguishes your company, your product? What makes it different to all the others? What does the market look like? In which direction are you heading with the brand?

Together with you we analyse the status quo and determine the path of the journey – in a model with brand values, mission statement and vision. Once you and us have a clear picture of your future brand, we commence with the actual design of the brand environment, including everything that entails: logo, colours, fonts, pictorials and implementations for all relevant media. Depending on the product, we first take over the development of the name and later support you in the internal and external brand implementation.

We provide branding services for company and product brands in the B2B and B2C sector.

– Brand analysis
– Branding workshops
– Branding strategy
– Brand development
– Name development
– Brand design / Corporate design
– Corporate design implementation
– Corporate design portal
– Branding manuals



Finance and Sustainability Communication

For listed companies, reporting is a recurring obligation. And yet, it is so much more: As every capital market oriented publication, it is also an opportunity to tell people something about the values and the essence of one's company.

This is why we endeavour to turn every obligation into a performance. Thus, we initially develop a central message together with you – or capture an established motto, if there is one. And then we set off to look for visual concepts that could be developed from this basis. On an image level, on a text level, with special refinements. Later we take care of photographers, shootings, editorials and the complete processing package – in short, everything that is necessary until you hold the actual result in your hands.

All this for annual reports, sustainability reports, CR reports and other capital market oriented publications. Whether printed, digital, web or App.

Of course, we can also simply make your report look great – with easily understandable diagrams, charts and other info graphics.

– Analysis and strategy consultation
– Conceptual design and design development
– Editorial and photography
– Implementation of editorial systems
– Layout and lithography
– Copy-editing and translation
– Consultation for production and printing
– Screen design and programming
– App development




Corporate Publishing

Corporate Publishing

Brand and Corporate Publications

A well-known saying amongst journalists is that “the written word is permanent”. And that is exactly the way it is. A company that actively communicates with its employees and customers will stay in their minds. And, in the best of cases, it will also reach their hearts by creating identification and significance.

Our objective is nothing less. We design customer or employee publications for you that reach the target groups – and stand out due to their excellent editorial and artistic quality. (For which we often receive rewards). Depending on your internal organisation, we can take over the entire development process for you – in cooperation with our publishing partner, even including the complete editorial work.

All this for customer magazines, employee magazines, image and product brochures. Whether printed, digit, web or App.

– Consultation
– Design
– Editorial
– Implementation of editorial systems
– Editorial design
– Photography
– Illustration
– Layout and lithography
– Copy-editing and translation
– Advice for production and printing
– Screen design and programming





Digital Corporate Communication

No matter whether website, intranet, online annual report or mobile app: Digital media have become indispensable components of a modern company’s communication. And why shouldn't they be? They ultimately offer excellent, often innovative opportunities for information and interaction. And the web has already taken first place as a distribution channel in many branches.

Together with our partner Babiel, we are able to provide you with all the services you require for successful corporate communication in digital media. From consultation and design through to hosting and monitoring. We develop screen designs for you that combine extreme usability with distinctive design. Always tailored to your specific target group(s).

And always consistent with your brand and your communication objectives.


– Websites
– Portals
– Mobile applications (Apps)

– E-Commerce
– E-Marketing
– Intranet solutions
– ISP services
– Training
– Website operation and monitoring
– Programming
– Customizing
– Launch campaigns (internal/external)

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