Lesmo is an owner-operated agency for Corporate Communication located
in Düsseldorf with customers throughout Germany. For more than ten
years, we have been supporting large and small enterprises in strategic
consultation up to the creative implementation of their communication.

Image video recruit great graduates


Let’s screen it!

The application period for the E.ON Graduate Program has began – and according to several ads, we made three image videos for this international trainee program. ... more

Corporate report 2013


Expanding horizons

Deutsche Börse has a presence on all important financial markets worldwide – with the corporate report 2013, we visited it on the spot. ... more

New arrival at Lesmo


BNP Paribas Factor

The year goes by, a new clients says Hello! We’re happy to announce officially that Lesmo supports the BNP Paribas Factor GmbH in sales communication. ... more

Christmas Book, Lesmo



If you dwell on the history of the Christmas tree, you’ll quickly recognize that you’ll miss the forrest for the (Christmas) trees. Because, even historians and academics still lock their horns over this very unfestively. So, we head off to clear the covert of stories a bit and created collages from classic illustrations to picturize them.  … more

Animation: The energy of the future, E.ON T&I


The energy of the future

What does the energy of tomorrow look like? To enable this foresight, we send the viewers of this animation into future. They see: The energy landscape will have changed fundamentally. Besides the renewable energies there will be other "protagonists" with great impact on the behaviour of generators and users.  … more

Deutsche Börse, Annual Report 2011:


Global Presence

2011 was an eventful year for the Deutsche Börse Group
on its way to a global stock exchange organisation.
The aspired merger with the New York Stock Exchange
NYSE Euronext was supposed to be a further step in
this direction and dominated the daily events.
Result: uncertain.  … more




This report is winner of the iF design award 2013 in the category "Communication Design".

Designpreis BRD 2013:



Every year the German Designer Club, called Deutscher Designer Club (DDC), announces the contest GUTE GESTALTUNG (i.e. "good design"), which appreciates work of all design disciplines. For our great appreciation, our book "Zischgold, Tinsel, Marzipan" is featured in the category "Graphic Fine Arts" this year. … more

Designpreis BRD 2013:



“Neubau”, the special edition of the E.ON Ruhrgas
company magazine we conceptualized and designed,
has been nominated for the official German design award
Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2013.
That fills us with great pride! Neubau was published
on the occasion of E.ON Ruhrgas moving into its new
headquarters.  ... more

apoBank, Annual Financial Report 2011:


Connecting Values

A successful enterprise needs reliable values. This is true
for a bank just as it is for a medical practice, a chemist,
a clinic or any other entity in the health system. Because
values convey an attitude. They offer orientation. And
– ideally – form a close and lasting connection.  ... more

E.ON AG, Corporate Design, Pitch 2011:


Confirmed as Account Holder

For nine years now, we have been responsible for the
development of E.ON AG’s brand positioning. And
we are happy to announce that we were again very
successful in an international competition – and thus
remain the account holder for the company-wide
corporate design and design management.  ... more

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