E.ON Graduate Program

Image videos

E.ON SE, Essen

For its E.ON Graduate Program (EGP) E.ON is looking for high-skilled graduates – and we help finding them. Among other communication tools, we made three image videos following the overall campaign idea. The videos transfer this idea into the online world by adding individual impressions to the print-ads stories: They show and listen to three exemplary EGP participants at the airport – making their stopover inbetween two stations of their program. While they’re waiting for their connecting flights, the cast back their thoughts to the latest EGP station and ask themselves, what they might expect at the next. ... Watch videos 



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Lesmo / Galeriehaus / Poststraße 3 / 40213 Düsseldorf / Telephone +49-211-52 80 07-00 / contact@lesmo.de